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From 1 March 2020, all employers established in the EEA and Switzerland will have to report in advance if they come to work in the Netherlands with their staff. This report can be made via an online portal. As the Dutch recipient of the service, you will then have to verify this report. It has been announced that the period for the verification will be 5 days.

The Netherlands is one of the last countries in Europe to implement the reporting obligation for employers from other Member States who temporarily provide services in another Member State with their staff. This means that it is now very important for Dutch employers who make use of cross-border workers within Europe to regulate these obligations. This includes, for one thing, the ability to verify reports and, for another, to report in other Member States (if necessary) if they carry out activities there with their own staff.

Because of the practical workability and administrative burden, for some categories of work an exception has been made to the reporting obligation. If work is performed exclusively in the Netherlands and falls into one of these categories, the employer will not be required to report. An exception applies for instance to the following activities:

For small employers (with a maximum of 9 employees) a relaxation of the reporting obligation has been included. Small employers can submit an annual report, provided that they have performed at least 3 services in the Netherlands in the previous calendar year, are established no more than 100 km from the Dutch border and perform services in a recurring pattern. Employers in the building industry, employment intermediation, temporary employment agencies and personnel management cannot make use of the annual report.

Finally, contrary to what was previously announced, the transport sector is not entirely exempt from the reporting obligation. Employers from other Member States who deploy their employees in the Netherlands for the transport of goods on the road (with the exception of transit transport), will therefore also have to submit a report.