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Welcome to the 2018 edition of our guide, Doing Business and Investing in the UK.

The UK has consistently attracted considerable investment from overseas and has a long and successful history of trade with the rest of the world. The importance of foreign investment into the UK has never been more critical as the UK focuses on building a vibrant and sustainable economy in a Post Brexit world.

The UK is an attractive place to do business thanks to factors such as our diversified economy, legal system, talent pools, universities and culture providing lots of opportunities to prosper.

This guide provides insight into the key aspects of undertaking business and investing in the UK, from establishing an entity to dealing with employees. It provides answers to the many questions facing the community of overseas investors and is a good starting point for anyone looking to conduct business in the UK.

With offices throughout the UK, PwC has long been advising companies and individuals on how to establish themselves here. We have over 20,000 people with specialist knowledge and practical experience in the full range of business and legal issues ready to advise across all industries.