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The situation in India continues to result in countries announcing enhanced travel restrictions, testing and quarantine requirements. Countries/territories have also started to expand travel restrictions to include Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. 

This week, Australia announced that it would organise three repatriation flights for its citizens currently stranded in India. Notably Australia quickly implemented very strict entry restrictions for travellers from India (including via indirect flights) which extended to its citizens. The repatriation flights aim to prioritise Australian citizens in India who are deemed most vulnerable. However, it has since been reported that over half the passengers scheduled to depart via the first repatriation flight on 14 May 2021 tested positive for COVID-19 and were unable to travel. Whether commercial flights from India will resume in the near future, to facilitate the ongoing repatriation of citizens and residents, is a decision that is still under review by the Australian authorities.

In other news, the UK will implement its traffic light system from 17 May 2021, meaning quarantine measures will ease for those arriving from ‘green list’ countries. However, most of the countries on the ‘green list’ still have travel restrictions in place with the UK meaning the ability to travel may still be limited.

France has also announced this week that it will likely implement a traffic light system by the end of May 2021.