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BEPS, PE and immigration risks, employment tax, government regulations, individual traveler expenses, mobility policies – there’s an incredible amount of information to manage when it comes to business travel.

This much complexity often results in businesses doing one of two things. Our clients either block and tackle immediate threats as they arise, or they succumb to information overload, adopt an all-or-nothing mindset, and do nothing. There’s another way: Hand all that complexity over to PwC and have clients keep focused on your business’s future.

PwC has a tried-and-true method for handling business traveller challenges. We gather your data, assess your processes, create an integrated action plan, and automate your policies to ensure all of your business travellers are tracked and managed wherever they are in the world, however frequently they travel. It’s an integrated plan that cuts across tax, mobility, and immigration to ensure all your business traveller needs are met.

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