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Events over the past few months and years have provided frequent reminder that the world we live in continues to produce challenges and obstacles which impact our personal safety. Whether this increased threat is perceived or real, the outcome is the same: mobility in the modern world is now viewed through the lens of turmoil. Whilst this perceived threat continues to rise, so too does international business travel. A report by World Economic Forum (2018) suggests cross-border travel will grow by 50% over the next decade and reach 1.8 billion international arrivals by 2030. This increase in international travel is also seen in the workplace, with more employers than ever before sending their staff abroad. The workforce is no longer a static, controlled concept. An employer’s response to employee welfare and security must respond to this. This report asks the question: How do we safeguard mobile employees in an ever more fragile global environment?

In this report we will:

  • Look at how changing environments, technological advances and altering expectations are causing companies to be held to account over their Travel Risk Management and Mobility strategies.
  • Identify emerging trends across industries to understand how organisations are responding to this demand.
  • Look at what needs to be done in order to fulfil an appropriate duty of care for the mobile workforce.