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For 40+ years, organisations have made decisions and signed contracts knowing the UK and EU legal systems were fully integrated. The contracts contain clauses - relating to people, delivery of goods and services, business infrastructure, pricing, supply chain and data - that rely on this established legal framework. When Brexit changes this legal framework, existing contract clauses will remain, posing new and significant risk to organisations across every sector.

Barriers to moving staff across jurisdictions may prevent you from meeting delivery commitments, leaving you in breach of multiple contracts. Dual regulatory systems could increase your costs, reducing margins or pricing you out of the market. Your customers and suppliers could have a right to renegotiate locked-in prices and other terms, removing your competitive advantage.

Your organisation must act urgently to understand the impact Brexit will have on the web of contractual obligations that underpins every aspect of the business.

Using artificial intelligence to help assess Brexit-related contract exposure

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We integrate cutting edge technology, experienced consultant and legal experts into a comprehensive package that will help you navigate the uncertainty of your organisation's Brexit contract exposure and provide you with greater clarity on next steps.