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In an increasingly competitive and digital world, with the emergence of new growth markets and changing employee attitudes towards working internationally, being able to move the right people into the right locations, in the right roles and at the right cost has never been more important.

PwC’s International Mobility Effectiveness team helps companies make sure their mobility programme successfully supports their future business needs, encouraging them to ask themselves:

  • Do you know who your people are, where they are and what they’re doing?
  • How do you measure your mobile employee experience? What are you doing well and what could be improved?
  • What policies do you have in place and do these meet your future mobility needs?
  • How can you change your existing processes to drive efficiencies and improve the experience of the business and the mobile employees?
  • What can you do to maximise the value from your mobility programme?

By collating valuable data on all aspects of your mobility programme and benchmarking this against PwC Saratoga, one of the world’s largest and most robust database of people performance metrics from over 2,400 international companies, we can help you to understand, measure and maximise the value you get from your mobility programme. During this process we focus on four main areas;

  • Strategy, user experience and return on investment
  • Mobility policy
  • Operations
  • Costs, risks and compliance

For further detail on how we can help please check out the attachment or contact us for more information.

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