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Is your business equipped to handle rapid shifts in the landscape of Indirect Tax Reporting? Do existing processes and technologies deliver the information you need to handle internal and external challenges faced on a daily basis?

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PwC’s VAT & Statistical Reporting Lab

Whether it’s operational change, regulatory change or internal pressure for better financial metrics the need to access reliable data on demand is a challenge faced by all businesses. This is compounded by the tax authority trend to increasingly moving away from VAT reporting at a return level in favour of transaction based approaches with no one model gaining traction over another. Whether your business needs to deal with making tax digital in the UK, real time reporting in Spain, invoice validation needs in Hungary, electronic invoicing in Italy, SAFT requirements in multiple jurisdictions or simply needs to improve cash flow and forecasting, how can you be sure that the technology you implement today will be fit for purpose tomorrow? A VAT & Statistical Reporting Lab is designed to help you navigate these questions quickly, getting you to the right result for you faster.

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