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Unlocking the power of data to track and manage business traveller risks

In an increasingly connected world, business travel is essential for companies to maintain and expand their global footprint. So it's no surprise that according to the Global Business Travel Association, in 2016 worldwide organisations spent US$1.3 trillion (approx £1 trillion) on business travel. However, together with great opportunities, this can equally be problematic for companies, as authorities are increasingly scrutinising the activities of mobile workers.

Gathering STBV data: It’s all about quality

We’ve written recently about the importance of tracking your short-term business visitors (STBVs). But when it comes to the practicalities, that’s easier said than done. At our recent Business Traveller event, we spent a lot of time discussing how gathering data works in practice, and heard from companies that were at a range of stages in implementing STBV risk managed approaches.