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Global mobility and the future of work

Companies are starting to think about why they have global mobility and they move people in the first place. They are thinking about how to better align mobility with talent and it is an opportunity to rethink, for high potential people and the future leaders, what experiences do they need to have when we send them around the world, so that when they get to those leadership positions they can draw on a breadth of career experiences. But also recognising that the skills needed today will be very different to those needed in the future. Clare Hughes, Global Mobility Director talks about how companies are rethinking global mobility for the future.

Modern mobility: Moving women with purpose

Organisations across the world are using international mobility experiences to develop future leaders and advance the careers of key talent. Yet despite unprecedented demand, women currently only account for 20% of international assignees. To investigate such disconnects and help organisations address them, PwC has conducted research that brings together the views of 134 global mobility executives and 3,937 professionals from over 40 countries.