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Reflect business and technology changes in my tax operating model

A Tax function’s ability to deliver value depends on how well it’s able to adjust to today’s ever evolving regulatory changes, while supporting the company’s business strategy. Too many corporate Tax functions are struggling to address operational ineffectiveness, or may have been impacted by a recent merger or acquisition, and senior executives are taking notice.

The Evolving Tax Transparency Debate 2019

The sixth edition of ‘Trends in Tax Transparency’, reviewing tax disclosures in the FTSE100 (June 2019: a review of the FTSE100 for 2018 year ends), reveals how the tax transparency debate is evolving. Large companies operating in the UK must now make a public statement of their approach to tax and a private disclosure to tax authorities of their tax payments on a country-by-country basis. But can this increased disclosure help to rebuild the trust in big business that has been lost in recent years?