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A collection of the brief insights throughout July 2021 of the type provided on an ad hoc basis in our Latest digital tax byte update.

28 July 2021

Alongside its wider monetary role, the IMF's Technical Note "Administering the Value-Added Tax on Imported Digital Services and Low-Value Imported Goods" draws mainly on the practices of four countries - Australia, New Zealand, Norway, and Singapore.- and the EU in looking at recommended approaches to the following questions:

27 July 2021

Deferred tax accounting has emerged as a major issue in Pillar 2, relating to the tax base calculation for ETR purposes.  There is a degree of unfamiliarity of tax policymakers and administrators with deferred tax accounting (e.g., that, perhaps, it's all totally elective), PwC tax and accounting colleagues have put together an explainer/primer that could redress some of that.