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A collection of the brief insights throughout June 2022 of the type provided on an ad hoc basis in our Latest digital tax byte update.

30 June 2022 - Thailand provides more relevant VAT exemptions

The Revenue Code Update in our Thai Tax Insight #15/2022 notes the following two new VAT exemptions for supplies between 1 April 2022 and 31 December 2023:

The Revenue Authorities have also announced on 28 June 2022 the intention to exempt from VAT the following services:
(1) Server and related equipment services for storing, computing, and connecting electronic data over the internet;
(2) Supporting services of the above services which are disaster recovery site, connection with internet service provider or cloud service provider, and system management and security services.
A VAT registrant applying for the exemption shall be a data centre business operator which meets eligibility requirements and complies with regulations prescribed by the Director-General of the Revenue Department as well as notifies the Director-General of its application for the exemption within 5 years from the day that the Royal Decree comes into force.

28 June 2022 - Tanzania's Finance Bill provides DST details