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A collection of the brief insights throughout September 2020 of the type provided on an ad hoc basis in our Latest digital tax byte update.

23 September 2020

Following the earlier leaks and reports on the revisions put forward by Inclusive Framework countries, Pascal Saint-Amans has confirmed that the Blueprints for Pillars One and Two will be publicly released on October 12, along with the long-awaited economic analysis. The level of input requested for the consultations will differ, with a Pillar Two consultation focused on simplification and administration measures, and for Pillar One comments needed on a range of technical measures (although the exact scope of the Pillar One consultation is still subject to agreement by the IF). The consultation period will likely last until early December, he said. The OECD view is that there is a solid basis for finalizing the negotiations for both Pillars once US leadership has resumed negotiations with European countries. It is not just the outcome of the US presidential election that will matter, he noted, but also the makeup of Congress in determining what the next steps from the US might be.

22 September 2020

An EU online event on September 21 titled “Fair and Simple: The Role of Taxation in Recovery and Long-Term Growth” featured speakers from the EU Commissioner, EU Council, and EU Parliament. (Recording can be accessed here.)