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This event will focus on the ‘S’ or ‘Social’ of the ESG agenda. Employees are key stakeholders in an organisation whose stakeholder influence is increasing in the context of significant and fast paced social change.  

Key areas that we will touch on include:

  • An overview of employees and trade unions as key stakeholders for an organisation and strategies being employed to address their increasing influence on an organisation’s corporate purpose and values
  • Important aspects of the ‘S’ for General Counsel and in-house legal professionals, including diversity and inclusion, health and safety, workplace rights and fair remuneration and how these areas, amongst others, are becoming part of regulatory and governance frameworks.
  • Considering the future of work and how this plays into an organisation’s ‘S’ strategy.
  • An initial look beyond an organisation’s own employees and workforce into the supply chain and the need to protect the business from legal and reputational risk associated with an emerging theme of ‘Social Washing’.

Date: Tuesday 18 January 2022