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Flexible working is on the increase across all sectors. More and more we're seeing organisations choose to engage with a contingent workforce, whether that's in the form of contractors, self-employed workers or agency workers. Automation, A.I. and technology are accelerating the pace of change, by offering a more open and innovative way in which organisations and workers can come together and work flexibly. However, there are several operational and legislative challenges that organisations need to navigate when engaging with a flexible workforce. We have seen multiple cases regarding the status of workers and associated rights, as well as the recent holiday pay challenges. In addition, we now have the application of the off payroll withholding rules for Personal Service Companies which will apply to the private sector from April 2020. Getting the contractual status right has never been more important from both a business and an individual's point of view.

Whilst regulation and governance might be challenging, the engagement and utilisation of a flexible workforce has multiple benefits. A flexible workforce allows organisations to be agile and respond quickly to fluctuations in demand. Flexible workers can also compliment an existing workforce adding value with specific insights and skills. Increasingly, individuals are also choosing to work in this way and seek new experiences that work effectively alongside different lifestyles. 

The key to building an effective flexible workforce is to be open, transparent  and keep things as simple, easy and fluid as possible. Our clients tell us that technology is the key to making this work, by providing real time access to fixed term jobs, automating notifications, and giving greater control and visibility.

We have developed a unique tool which enables clients to engage with their flexible workforce in real time, ensuring that all compliance is handled centrally and in one hub. Key features of the hub include engaging with workers, and managing the contracting process for engagements quickly and easily. Improving budgeting by avoiding overspend and managing IR35 withholding rules. And increasing the simplicity for workers to submit timesheets and get paid quickly. 

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