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Two weeks to 13 November 2020

Welcome to our latest update on recent developments in international and treasury tax of interest to multinationals operating in the UK.  

Responding to the business impacts of COVID-19
Visit our global crisis centre webpage and our COVID-19 hub on TheSuite to continue to keep up to date with developments on this topic.  Of particular relevance to multinational companies operating in the UK, navigate the global tax, legal and economic measures in response to COVID-19 by territory here.  In relation to the UK:

Government Tax Policy Update - including new draft clauses for Finance Bill 2021
On 12 November, the Government published responses to a number of consultations, draft clauses for potential inclusion in FB2021 for consultation and revised draft guidance in relation to some of these areas.  It also made a number of policy announcements.  For an overview of all these, see this Written Ministerial Statement.  Highlights include:

HMRC consultations