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Our clients are going through a period of unprecedented business change, with tax teams increasingly managing a high volume of complex changes to tax legislation, rules and regulations (such as EU MDR and Brexit) whilst being expected to spot opportunities to add commercial value and demonstrate commercial impact

This has led to the increasing importance in upskilling and reskilling existing employees. But in this digital age, where in-person training is all but impossible, the opportunity for our clients to use best in class training to address these challenges has been limited.

By bringing together our expertise in tax and learning and development, we are proud to present our Digital Tax Academy on Learning Lab. We believe this solution can equip tax teams with the skills and knowledge to maximise their influence and impact on how tax is managed within your organisation. Please get in touch with us here to receive your free trial.

What is the Digital Tax Academy?

This Digital Tax Academy is a curated selection of over 60 technical and soft skills courses across subject matter areas such as, International and UK Tax, Transfer Pricing, VAT, relationships and global acumen. We also recognise every organise faces different challenges and so our tax and learning and development experts are here to work with you to develop tailored content to suit the needs of your organisation.