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While ‘off-payroll working in the private sector’ is certainly not a snappy title, these new rules which come into force from April 2020, will have a significant impact on retailers in terms of additional cost as well as their operations and tax risk profile. We know from the work we have been doing to help larger employers navigate these changes, that the details and impact is not yet well understood. And too few businesses have started to plan and ensure that any costs and disruptions to their business are minimised.

Based on feedback and requests from some of the UK’s largest retailers, we are running a practical session on what these new rules will mean for employers in the retail industry. In the session we will share our knowledge and experiences to date so you can better understand the impact of these changes - from what this means, to the way you engage people in the future, how it will impact the use of agencies, the potential risks as well as the cost impact on your supply chain.

The aim of this session is to:

Who should attend?

As this tax has a significant financial impact and leads to a review of the way the workforce as a whole is engaged, this session is particularly relevant to tax, finance and HR teams.