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Welcome back to the September edition of Keeping Up with Tax for Insurance! It’s been an interesting month in the UK with Brexit continuing to dominate the UK political landscape and also much of the capacity of the UK government (including HMRC). We expect further significant developments on this, in the run up to the (current) Brexit deadline of 31st October. You can expect further articles on the tax considerations on Brexit in future editions, as the political landscape becomes clearer.

This month, we bring you the following articles:

1 - How can you manage the risks arising from the changing tax transparency landscape?
2 - Capital allowances and business rates
3 - HMRC publish the new Life Assurance Tax Manual
4 - Swiss corporate tax reform and its impact on insurers/reinsurers and captives – Status update
5 - U.S. tax update

We hope that you find this edition helpful and, as always, your usual PwC contact or one of our colleagues listed on the contacts page, will be more than happy to discuss the finer details of any topics that grab your attention.