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The government has confirmed in today’s Budget that it will introduce a 2% SDLT surcharge on non-UK residents purchasing residential property in England and Northern Ireland from 1 April 2021. In effect, foreign buyers have 13 months to buy residential land if they do not want to pay the additional 2% surcharge (taking the top SDLT rate to 17%).

It is not surprising that the foreign buyer surcharge is to be introduced. There was a detailed consultation on this in early 2019 (see here). However, the 2% rate was a pleasant surprise because the Tories said in November 2019 there would be a 3% surcharge rate.

Notwithstanding the government’s stated rationale of helping more people into home ownership, it remains to be seen whether introducing a further surcharge (in addition to the supplementary 3% on additional properties) will have the desired effect. Given that new private rented sector development schemes are often popular with non-resident buyers, there is a risk that dissuading these buyers could impact the commercial viability of this type of scheme, and hence the supply of new housing to the market.

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