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In these uncertain times, changes to tax policy across the world have brought uncertainty and complexity, causing businesses to rethink where and how they operate. Trade controversy has intensified, adding another dimension to global business concerns. At the same time rapidly evolving technologies continue to impact the way people live and work. 

Is your Tax function ready for these changing times?

As we look ahead, we consider how Tax and Finance might tackle the challenges of uncertainty, complexity, controversy and technological disruption.  We’ve identified six key areas that we suggest should be top of your company’s Tax agenda:

  1. Adapting to Tax policy changes
  2. Embracing small automation
  3. Upskilling your workforce
  4. Challenging the traditional Tax function operating structure
  5. Aligning with Customs and Trade
  6. Artificial intelligence (AI) 

Find out more in the article below and if you would like to explore any of these topics further, please get in touch with your usual PwC contact or Jonathan Howe.