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One of the big people issues facing businesses in 2018 has been inequality in the workforce. The lightning rod for this has been gender pay, but there are a number of other themes that are challenging employers as they seek to restore trust and address the reputational issues in an era of greater transparency and scrutiny and employees can give views on the company. Our research into reputation found that over two thirds of UK individuals would not apply for a company with a bad reputation for how it treats its staff.

So this year, PwC launched a new category in the Building Public Trust Awards called Workforce Fairness to highlight the issues. The ‘Workforce Fairness in the FTSE 350 Award’ recognises those companies that report in an authentic and accessible way about how they think about their employees and wider community. Our criteria looked across four key areas: Diversity and Inclusion, Employee Wellbeing and Engagement, Community Engagement and Skills and Talent in a time of Transformation. There were some great examples and it is clear that organisations are trying to shine a light on the good work they are doing.