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What does the transition agreement mean for business?

Sally Cosgrove is joined by Andrew Gray, PwC's Brexit leader and Anna Wallace, Director of Political Relations to discuss the potential impact the recently announced transition agreement will have on business and what organisations now need to prioritise in their Brexit planning.

What does Brexit mean for GDPR?

The biggest overhaul of data protection in two decades - the General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR - comes into force across the EU in May. In this Beyond Brexit episode, our new host, Sally Cosgrove, is joined by Kevin Burrowes, head of clients and markets, and Stewart Room, lead partner for GDPR and data protection, to discuss the potential impact arising from Brexit.

What can businesses expect in 2018?

The end of the Phase One Brexit talks should be welcomed as it offers business some clarity in important areas such as citizens' rights. We now move into the next Phase to discuss the complex matter of future UK-EU trading relations and transitions. So what milestones should businesses look out for and what detail can we expect in the coming months?

A changing environment for pension scheme investments

The UK's decision to leave the EU has, and will continue to have, implications for pensions. As the impact of Brexit unfolds, we believe the focus for pension scheme sponsors and trustees should be on good governance and vigilance. In practice though, what impact could Brexit have on the returns that UK pension schemes can expect to receive from their investments?

Financial Services in a post-Brexit world

Gaenor Bagley is joined by Andrew Kail, Head of Financial Services at PwC, and Mark Hoban, Board member at TheCityUK , to discuss how the UK financial services sector is preparing for the challenges ahead and why collaboration between the industry, government and regulators is key.