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Tax functions are dealing with many challenges at the moment, such as resource and capacity issues, unanticipated or high priority activities and cost and cash flow reductions and savings respectively, to name but a few. In addition, you may well be facing urgent tax deadlines or have deferred certain activities now at risk of becoming urgent. 

It can be especially difficult to manage competing demands when your people’s time is tied up in business as usual operations or they are unable to work, the right talent is hard to access and the latest technology is hard to deploy in a limited time frame.  An Interim Managed Service (IMS) could support you with your tax operations, or take care of other activities to allow you to focus your attention on what’s most important.

Please have a look at the attached summary to find out more about how our Interim Managed Services allow you to draw flexibly on our systems, tools and skill-sets; applying the right people, processes and technology to each activity. 

If you would like to talk to one of our friendly experts, please get in touch with Sally Bradley or Pippa Booth or your usual PwC contact.