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Welcome to PwC's Doing Business Guide

Kevin Ellis, chairman and senior partner, introduces the Doing Business in the UK Guide.

Chairman's welcome

The UK has consistently attracted considerable investment from overseas and has a long and successful history of trade with the rest of the world. The importance of foreign investment into the UK has never been more critical as the UK focuses on building a vibrant and sustainable economy in a Post Brexit world.

Perspectives for investing into the UK

The UK is the number one destination for inward investment in Europe and remains a top investment destination globally, with an open, liberal economy, flexible and dynamic labour market, business-friendly taxation and regulation and strong, transparent rule of law...

The UK as a business hub

The use of the UK as a hub location is becoming increasingly popular amongst global businesses and we are seeing a growing number of businesses centralising functions in the UK. Two main factors, the strong business environment and a relatively stable and competitive tax regime help draw these businesses to the UK.

What tax issues do I need to consider?

Corporation tax | Patent box | Developing and managing Intellectual Property in the UK | Research and Development | Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) - UK tax incentive for investment in certain trading companies | VAT | Personal taxation | Tax Transparency


Introducing Pathfinder

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